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crystal consciousness, energy healing, & the power of healing yourself

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

THE PULSE: Sending ❤️

We want to start out by sending love and support to all of those impacted by the crisis in the Ukraine. Watching it unfold from afar, you may feel powerless to help. There is so much fear, uncertainty and tragedy. War can also illuminate the inner turmoil occurring in so many of us around the world.


One mindful way to help is to use your own energy. The power of love is so much stronger than the power of fear. If each of us makes an effort to send love and peace to the conflict, it will make a difference. It can become part of shifting the energy and hopefully the outcome. Take conscious moments throughout your day to send love and peace to Ukraine. It is definitely time for prayer in whatever form you practice.


On a completely different note, we are entering March with a good vibes new moon on Wednesday, March 2. The new moon is in Pisces and is close to Jupiter, the planet of abundance and expansion -- which makes this an event full of tremendous potential to make dreams come true. Use the day...and the days around it to set intentions. What do you seek more of in your life? Use March 2 as an invitation to create life-transforming opportunities. Dream into your heart’s innermost desires and put them into the Universe. And let’s all use this energy to help the people of the Ukraine as well.

TALISMAN HEALING: Meet Hope, The Reconnection Cultivator

We’re soul excited to introduce all of you to another member of our soul family, Hope De La Mora.

We met Hope through our friend and fellow seeker Sheri Salata.

Karen and I both had transformative Talisman Healing sessions with Hope. She refers to herself as a Wisdom Steward and Reconnection Cultivator. Hope blends several spiritual modalities to create an experience like no other. We talk all about it on our latest episode of Seeking Center: The Podcast.

Here are a few highlights of what we learned in our conversation.


Helping others to acknowledge and unlock their own inherent wisdom.


A talisman can be literally anything that you want it to be as an object that you look to ground you, an object that brings you some level of power.

The act of wearing talismans is one of those oldest time, oldest humanity types of things. So whether you were a Viking running into war and putting certain sigils on your shields or indigenous and looking for a fertility talisman or protective talisman, these things have just existed.

Hope channels crystals for individuals and then uses them to create Talismans for the person.

According to Hope, Crystals are living, breathing entities on their own. Throughout the entirety of the earth we have these crystalline grids that resonate with different frequencies and pull in different energies. They hold the wisdom of the earth and hold the wisdom of the environment. And that is what becomes integrated into the healing session. They speak to the specific energetic balancing needs of the individual.

When used as Talismans, these crystals and their combinations, almost act like barcodes. And these barcodes can unlock different parts of the Astral sometimes, different states of being in your conscious waking state.

She makes the Talismans in the form of bracelets or necklaces.


Hope starts by doing Reiki energy healing, along with several other energy healing modalities. She is tapping into the individual’s Spirit Team during the entire process. She also uses sound healing to transmit the healing into the quantum field. She is taking notes or in other words, performing Automatic Writing during the session as well. People's guides come through to her, giving her unique words, phrases or guidance that only the individual will understand.

She then does a card reading after the healing portion of the session which further validates what has come through the healing part of the session – and also gives even more guidance to the individual. Based on the energies that come through during the session, Hope will create a talisman for the individual, with the crystals that are calibrated for their unique needs and their soul path.

The individual can then wear this Talisman on a daily basis so that they can be their most powerful self.

What's in the cards for this week? Hope does a reading for everyone listening based on this week's energy.


Email: for scheduling and requests.

IG: @hope_ascendant (teleport into my DM’s!)

Website: Stay tuned for (launching soon)

THE DOWNLOAD: March Forward

Every week, we set dedicated time to tap into the “collective consciousness” of the universe to deliver messages for you. This is a special meditation we do with the intention to receive messages for everyone’s highest good. As the meditation unfolds, separately, we write down what comes to us, and then compare our notes afterwards. We are always blown away with our shared synchronicities and this week’s message was no exception.

This is FOR YOU… our download for the week of Feb 28.

So let’s start with the fact that our visions started out almost exactly with the same message with two powerful words: “March Forward.” It was a “BIG HOLY MOLEY” moment and a first for us. It also delivered on multiple meanings. Yes, this week welcomes the new month of March…but for both of us, it really translated to a literal “call to action” for all of us.


Robyn’s imagery began with a “Lord-of-the-Rings-like-journey” over a lush, mountain path where she was accompanied by a group of wise guides. Their words were inspiring. “We have so much to share,” they said. “Let’s walk.” As Robyn followed, the conversation continued. “This is a time of new beginnings. It is going to be the epic journey of your life. Trust the universe and march forward.”

For Karen, her vision also began with a “march forward” message, tied more specifically to the number 3. Coming out of the week of 2/22/22, this was more about leading from “partnering, co-creative energy of two” to the “family, triad energy” of three. Karen saw a triangle that transformed into a pyramid that took her on a journey through a bright, beautiful desert. Her guide’s message was like Robyn’s. “The road is unfolding,” she heard. “See and embrace the adventure that is ahead of you. Trust and let go of anything that is keeping you earthbound…open your heart and take hold without fear or judgment. This is the place that is real…in the three is the power of more.”

What does your journey look like? What are the things that might be holding you back? Do you second guess yourself? Are you afraid to trust others and ask for help?

The message for this week offers us strength and assurance that we are not alone. Whether it be our angels and guides, the humans around us, or our own inner GPS, we are being called to “stop questioning and do….to not overthink and take joy in the doing.”

In Robyn’s vision, she heard these words, which are so inspiring, we are sharing them unedited:

“The sun shines on joy.. dance with the light, have the intimate conversations, discuss your inner desires. Be vulnerable. It's all part of the journey. Connect. It's time to reopen and really connect. We've had our slumber and we can open back up like a bud on a rose. March forward, plant your feet and take the steps to move forward.”

Isn’t that what we are all being called to do every day? To put one foot in front of the other…to take our steps on this journey of life and do it with the joy and confidence that we are never alone. That we are always, always guided. This week, trust in the power of your own journey.

“Trust the universe and march forward.”

YOUR SECRET POWER: Heal Yourself + Get Back to Center

Thanks to Hope, we have two secret powers for you this week!


  1. Put your hands up and envision a crystalline white light and crystalline blue light flowing into the palms of your hands. Really feel it streaming in. Feel that little bit of pressure as it enters your hands. This is you receiving universal life force energy.

  2. And start to bring that energy in and start putting your hands together. Don't have them touch, but just almost touching. And start feeling that energy between your hands. Do you feel it? Do you feel it building?

  3. Now gently rock your hands back and forth -- and start creating a little ball with the energy in between your hands.

  4. Mold the ball. And now hold it. Do you feel it? You feel this ball of light?

  5. Now bring that in and place it into your chakra of choice. If you want to put it in your forehead, which is your third eye, your throat, your heart, just place it wherever you feel called.

This is a way that you can back to center when you have this chaos happening in your lifie -- or you just want to give yourself some extra love.


We’re serious! Talk to your water. Give it some ❤️.

Water has memory. Tell your water you love it. Speak mantras to it. And when we take that water into our bodies, we're taking in the of the energy of that love or mantra. Ideally say it out loud.

So, let’s do it. Get a glass of water. Say "I love you" out loud. Then drink the water.

How do you feel after ingesting this water that you’ve spoken to? Notice the difference. You will be amazed.

You can start both of these practices right away. Tell us how they work for you. (Email or DM us your results!)



We want to hear from you.

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Are you seeking guidance? What do you want to hear about? What practices have you tried? Do you have a healer or practitioner or spiritual modality that we need to know about?

And follow us on instagram at @seekingcenterofficial.

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