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calling all empaths

THE PULSE: Let it Go!


May we be one the first to welcome you to August 2023! It’s that time of year where you can still embrace those summer days…and at the same time you know there’s not that much time left – so you have to really savor them.

I am savoring big time! Over this past weekend, I had the opportunity to release energy in a way that I haven’t in a long time. My friends and I sang and danced our hearts out together for hours. We were fully our authentic selves and we had soooo much fun! The room was vibrating with pure joy! It was tangible. I forgot that a sing/dance-a-long experience could be so soul-enhancing! It instantly leveled up our energy – and helped us let go of anything that may have been bringing us down. I highly recommend fitting your own sing/dance-along or one with a few friends during the next month. It’s the perfect time of year to be your YOUest YOU!

Here's to a spectacular month ahead!


We have a Full Moon in Aquarius TODAY! So what does that mean for you?! Our go-to astrologer Stevie Calista is back! She wants you to know that this energy "invites you to embrace authenticity, abundance, and growth."

She says, "This celestial dance invites us to delve deep into our souls and explore what may be hindering us from living our most abundant life. We are asked to shed the layers that have obscured our true selves, as we seek to align our path with our genuine aspirations and innermost values. To live more authentically, we must first let go of anything that no longer aligns with our true essence. It's time to shed the masks we wear, the fear of judgment, and the need for external validation. Embracing our authenticity means acknowledging our flaws, vulnerabilities, and unique qualities, for it is in our genuine selves that we find our true power + purpose. Letting go doesn't mean discarding everything; instead, it means releasing what hinders our growth and truth. By doing so, we open the doors to abundance, for when we live in alignment with our authentic selves, we attract the resources, opportunities, and connections that propel us on our journey of growth and evolution."

She recommends the crystal wisdom of Turquoise, "let its enchanting qualities remind you that within you lies the power to manifest abundance, draw in resources, and illuminate your authentic truth." Looking for Turquoise? Check Stevie's offerings.


In our next free session together, we’re focusing on clearing the path for you to get everything you be completely satisfied with your life NOW. We're going to tackle the fear of being content. It sounds funny, right? Why would you be afraid to be happy? Soooo many people are actually scared of feeling joy and fulfilled. You are longing for it, yet there is an underlying fear once you have it.

We're going to dive in, get deep and release it! It's time to live your best life yet!

Join us with the spectacular modern mystic Lizzi Cutler on Friday, August 18 at 2pm ET/1pm CT/11am PT. We look forward to continuing this transformative practice with you! RSVP NOW.

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Calling All Empaths: Release the Hidden Emotions That Are Holding You Back

Meet Aspen Robinson. She's an energy healing practitioner and intuitive coach that uses a combination of Energy Work, Intuitive Coaching and Somatic Practices to help empaths heal trauma and learn how to use empathy as a gift instead of a curse in their lives. Oh, and she's definitely one of our soul sisters! We had the honor of having a session with Aspen, and her sessions are like nothing we've ever experienced before. She believes that when you can clear emotions from your body and energy field, you are releasing the triggers so you have space to heal, rest, and feel safe in your own body. Aspen started down this path when her son was born 2 months premature & she had an unanticipated NICU stay. That was followed by 8 long years of PTSD & panic. She discovered that there was actually a lot more trauma under the surface and began healing my inner child & inner teen as well. Her panic attacks stopped, her body started healing, she began to find her voice and found her way back to herself. In this week’s podcast we're talking all about Aspen’s journey, how she came into her intuitive gifts and established her own unique practice using a combination of modalities including Emotion Code, Applied Kinesiology and Psych K to help others find their way back to their true selves. She also shares her very powerful definition of what it means to be an “Empath.” Here are a few highlights from our conversation: Robyn + Karen: One of the fascinating modalities you use in your practice is called “Emotion Code.” For those who haven't heard of that, can you explain what it is and how that works? Aspen Robinson: Absolutely. As you go through life, you experience traumas, stress, pain, and heartache. These moments are impactful and you don't always know how to process them. Sometimes. you just put them away and they get packed in your energy, in your body. As you move through life, those emotions tend to stack on each other, and then they become the beliefs, the patterns, the emotional wounds that you hold onto. The Emotion Code is a way to use muscle testing, which is tuning into your body and letting your body tell us what it's been holding onto all of these years. R+K: So in your Emotion Code session, you use muscle testing to identify the emotions and the time in life those energy imprints took place. How does that work? Aspen: Yes, and this is also called Applied Kinesiology. If you were with me in person, you'd stick out your arm and then I’d ask a “Yes” or “No” question and I'd push on the arm. If your arm gave, or it went down, that would be your body saying, “No.” If it held strong, and remained straight, it would be your body saying, “Yes.” So muscle testing is the way of the body identifying the truth through the body of these emotions. We don't actually have to be in person to do that. I can tune into your energy, which is just an intention, and I can act as a proxy and I can do what's called rhythm testing. So it's just another form of muscle testing that allows me to ask your body “Yes” or “No” questions and get the answers. And because I'm also tuned into your energy, I can clear on my side as well. And it has the same impact as having an in person session. R+K: So how do you clear that blocked energy? Aspen: The way that we release it is with a magnet. Because we have this magnetic field around the top of our head, the intention is that we're going to use the magnet to draw the energy out and help it process or release. And that is the practice that moves the energy out. It’s a combination of science and intention, and that's where spirituality, mind and science come together. It sounds so simple in theory, but when you're in a session, you can feel it moving. Memories come up sometimes, There could be this sense of, “Oh my gosh, there it is.” And then there’s release and a space that gets created for you to move forward in a different way. R+K: You also talk about Psych-K as a compliment to Emotion Code work that you do. How do they work together? Aspen: They are the perfect bookends for each other. Where the Emotion Code works on clearing trapped emotions, Psych-K helps you rebuild positive beliefs. Psych-K is a modality that helps us create a new positive belief and then use a balance or a posture to reprogram the subconscious. Basically allowing your rational side of your brain and your emotional side to get on the same page so that everything is in alignment. So if you cleared, say the idea that all love was conditional, we would clear all the experiences where that had been the truth. Then we would use Psych-K to create a new belief that says love is unconditional and limitless. And so this is the new belief that you hold, which means now this is the new way that you approach life. R+K: You talk a lot about “Empaths” in your work, which is a word that’s used a lot in energy work. What is your definition of an empath? Aspen: Empaths are people who have a level of consciousness that allows them to extend compassion to others. They see you and connect with you. Empaths can create change in the world because they have the capacity to look at everybody and say, “how do we meet all of these needs in a loving way?” It can get confused with a sense of hyper-vigilance, which is a trauma response of, I need to pay attention to what you're feeling and thinking at all times so that I'm safe. And I think that's where most people get confused about it. We're not really taught that we're allowed to have boundaries around our empathy. Empowered empathy allows us to have really healthy boundaries. It says, “I see you, I hear you. How can I support you? I'm not going to take that on for you though.” It just has to have healthy boundaries so that you can show up in the world in an empowered way and not take on everybody's stuff. R+K: Thank you Aspen for facilitating these processes, and creating the space for people to work with you to heal themselves. Listen to the whole conversation. MORE FROM ASPEN ROBINSON

  • Work with Aspen + download her free guide, "7 Energy Leaks for Empaths" at

  • Follow Aspen on Instagram @augustknoxcoaching


Tuning in to Your Intuition Through One Simple Question

Aspen Robinson’s unique approach to Energy Work reminds us that simple practices can create impactful change. For this week’s Secret Power, she shares a powerful tool to help us tune into our soul’s clues and messages to understand and take control of healing ourselves. Aspen Robinson's “Intuitive How-To’s" 1. Get Quiet - Take a moment to quiet your mind and tune into your body. 2. Ask - It's a simple question, “How do I feel today?” 3. Listen - Sit and without judgment or editing yourself, what do you receive? What emotions, thoughts, responses come to you? The answer is not coming from a place of thinking. It's listening to that intuitive part of you. 4. Acknowledge - Affirm what you feel. I see you. I know you need that. Maybe it's something physical, or it's emotional, like "I need some courage or I need support.” 5. Practice - Start a daily practice of asking this question of your inner self and trust that the answers are coming from your intuition. Your truest inner guidance.

THE WEEKLY DOWNLOAD: The Tapestry of You

Our Downloads are for everyone reading THE WEEKLY -- they are guidance from Spirit + The Universe that are channeled through us. ROBYN'S DOWNLOAD Look back at your life and know that each and every single moment is on purpose and plays a role in becoming more of who you are. You can imagine your life made up of all of those moments on a large screen and from a distance it would be a picture of YOU and when you get close each pixel was a different moment. And in reality from an even faster distance it wold be light. You are made of up of light. You are the brightest light that you can imagine and each moment you are here on earth adds color and dimension to that light -- each moment enriches who you are at your very core, the essence of you. So as you are in your day to day, hour by hour, moment by moment you are adding to the tapestry of YOU, the tapestry of your light. And light moves, light dances. If you allow yourself the time to dance -- doesn't it feel GOOD. Even when you dance alone -- can't you feel the joy that comes with it or the emotions that come up for you released. You may laugh. You may cry. And even if the crying feel moments of joy soon after. Dance with the light. And when you dance with others -- can't you feel the energy? The light is moving. The collective energy is contagious and there is such joy in the movement. We bring this up because this joy, your light is always accessible to you. If you are feeling down or tired...remember you can move to music and access your inner light. You can uplevel your frequency just by dancing. And each moment is precious. That tapestry of you is made up of so many different moments, emotions and energies. That's what gives you dimension. You have so much depth. It's beautiful. When we say you can feel even more joy and energy when moving with others -- use this image to understand that you can solve what feel like "problems" with the help of others. Seek out the helpers, the other beings that produce love and light to help you. They will show up for you at moments that you least expect them -- and they need not be people that you know right now. They may only show up for a brief time to connect you to the "help". Don't think about it too much, just trust and follow that light and what feel "right". That is how you will know. All is on purpose. All is presented to you for your own tapestry and expansion. May the light continue to shine bright within you. We love you. KAREN'S DOWNLOAD As you frolic through the fun of summer filling your life with activity and the doing, remember to be present. Checking in with yourself on how you are feeling is a wonderful way to reconnect with your emotional and physical energy which is the life force of who you are. There may be trips or celebrations or reconnections with friends and family. They are good measures of where your vibration sits…take its temperature whenever you can. Ask the question, How do I feel? Who am I in this moment? What is its meaning? Are you feeling full, valued, cared for, alive? It can be in those smallest of moments where we find ourselves. It can be the tiniest whispers of beingness that reminds us of what joy really feels like. It can have a tangible taste, visual or smell. Steamy morning coffee, chirping birds outside your window. Billowy white clouds against a bright blue sky. Slippers that nuzzle your feet in comfort. These are the gifts of peace. They are there to help remind you to measure time with welcome wisdom. To drink in the moment of where you are right now, knowing it is filled with the glowing light of the love of your own making. This is your song to sing, your light to shine. It really is that simple. The to-do list will get done. The activities will unfold. It is all part of your never-ending beautiful experience of dancing to the rhythm of life. Be the child of your soul. Remember the precious fingerprint of uniqueness that you are. Allow yourself to be loved in every moment…through every sight, smell, thought or emotion. You are a brilliant creation of love and perfection - infusing your effervescent self into the atmosphere of this planet. How lucky you are to be here. How lucky are we that you are here. Feel the feels of all of it. This is your ticket to ride. You are the chosen one who has made the dream come alive. Feel it. Know it. Be it. And above all else…LOVE it!!


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