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THE PULSE: Magical Momentum

How's April treating you? Has the sun been shining brighter than it has in a while? There's a deep sense of hope in the air.. If you choose to see it this way, life feels a bit brighter – and the energy this week is cooperating to help you put plans into motion.


If you're reading this on Tuesday, April 11 -- make the most of this is SPECIAL! According to the AstroTwins, "the magnanimous Sun teams up with boundless Jupiter for their annual alignment and fortune absolutely favors the bold." They say, "in 2023, these heavenly bodies connect in trailblazing, novelty-loving Aries for the first time in over a decade, which supports the boldest and most daring actions. Whatever is in your path, this dynamic duo tints each option with a rosy, can-do glow. But read the safety precautions and make sure you proceed with some sort of plan. It’s easy to overshoot the mark when everything feels so...limitless." Want to know more? Here’s more from the Astro Twins about this gold star day.

Plus, Venus enters Gemini and you're invited to step out of your comfort zone this week. If you have the opportunity to do something out of the ordinary -- do it!! There is a lot to be said about experiencing the NEW...there is a feeling of really LIVING.


OMG! Last week, a former Google engineer said he believes that humans will achieve immortality within the next eight years. There is much to unpack in this article. We had to share it because it certainly makes you question...A LOT! We’ll have to all have this discussion for another day in the near future.

As we continue our seeking journey with the intention to share the extraordinary people and practices that are transforming lives around the world, it never ceases to amaze us how many special souls exist and have been called to help all of us live to our fullest potential. Meet this week’s podcast guest, Erin Doppelt. She brings together Eastern Ritual with Western Psychology. Erin is a spiritual psychology teacher, meditation expert, business coach, writer, podcast host, and is the CEO and Founder of Spiritual Intelligence, which hosts certification trainings, as well as business and spiritual courses to support those who desire to live their most joyful and soul authentic life. Erin left her corporate job and spent most of her twenties living in Israel, India, Italy, and throughout Asia, where she lived off the land, deepened her relationship with her spirituality, and even became a functional medicine nutritionist and yoga teacher. Erin is a manifestation magnet and an activator. She believes that the world is a better place when more people are living as their true aligned selves. She’s walked the walk and lives to activate what is within you. Here are just a few highlights from our conversation. Robyn + Karen: Erin, we're excited to share your story because you’ve activated and manifested so much already in the life you're living right now. How did you know this calling at such a young age? Erin Doppelt: I believe we have an idea of who we desire to be when we're really young, and then we forget over time. I was always very clear that I was a spiritual child and that I wanted to live this life traveling and having nourishing conversations and eating exquisite food all around the world. Yet I didn't know the aligned action that needed to occur to get me there. So often in the self-development world, we talk to our therapist, a guru, a professor, our mentor, or a parent asking somebody else for their wisdom. And yet the holiest relationship of all is when we can source from self, this trust within self. So once you deepen that intimate relationship with self over time, you end up becoming clear on what the aligned action needs to be. And it paves the path. R+K: What have you found to be some of the blockers people put in their way to finding their purpose? Erin: Miracles occur when you get tired of your own bullshit. And we can always fill the void, it's so easy. We can watch Netflix, we can scroll on our phone. We can date somebody new. We can create drama in our lives. We can gossip with a girlfriend. There's so much we can add into our lives that can continuously distract us. And it's not always bad. I always want to preface that because we thought our life would look one way and then we fall into another direction, it likely had to occur on some level because you have to learn something. We learn through pathways. Suffering...peace…joy… pleasure. It can be so many different avenues. If you typically learn something through suffering, I urge you to just be open to learning something through joy and bliss. R+K: Can you share how your personal journey and what living in all those different cultures taught you? Erin: My biggest teacher was anxiety. I went to an American university. You drink a lot there. You're eating cafeteria food. You're anxious. You have a test. There was lots of anxiety. But that just wasn't true in Florence, Italy. The students there seemed to be more “adjusted” there. So I started drawing these comparisons to our culture. I found something called “slow living,” and it's the art of enjoying your life. It's easy to see in Europe. It's just part of their culture. In Israel, turning your phone off and gathering as a community for Shabbat from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday is the norm. Living in Bali, it's the norm to go to yoga twice a day and to connect to God multiple times a day. It's more relaxed. Your nervous system is regulated. You have this time in your schedule to shift, to align, to adjust. In America, we work all the time. we're consistently on the clock. and I think people need to hear that sometimes we got it all wrong. If you're working your ass off to pay for your lifestyle and it's making you sad, it is essential to start practicing slow living. You have to slow your life down. R+K: So well said! It’s why what you are teaching is so vital for all of us to learn. Tell us about your certification program. Erin: Spiritual intelligence is my business and I'm best known for the Aligned Coaching Certification (ACC) where you become a certified meditation teacher and spiritual psychology coach. It’s a school year-long program. I call it a Masters, Ivy League level certification because I bring in a lot of these practices that I learned in positive psychology, science of happiness, emotional intelligence into the coaching space. I also partner with the University for Peace (UPEACE) Center for Executive Education established by the United Nations, because I have clients all around the world, and I wanted them to be accredited through the highest institution possible. The first term is the meditation teacher training. The second term is the spiritual psychology immersion. And term three is our signature aligned coaching framework. And then term four is the business and clinical immersion. The Aligned Coaching Certification is for those who want to become certified in a spiritual program and start a business. And for those who are already coaches, mentors, midwives of the soul, and they want to add new techniques and tools to their offerings, I have Soul Immersion and Up-Level Meditation, which are online courses that are really popular. And then I do my live event Nourish, which is a half day workshop, and will most likely go on tour when my book comes out next year. R+K: For people who might be trying to improve their meditation practice, are there any tips that you can give to people to help them more fully integrate it into their day-to-day? Erin: I teach active meditation. Active meditation is when you open up your shoulders and you open up your hips and you get energy flowing. So often energy just gets stuck in our system and you need to give it a pathway to flow. I recommend an 18 minute meditation practice. There's a lot of research behind specifically 18 minutes. If you need to split it up to nine minutes and nine minutes or 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, whatever you need to do to get in the practice, try to prioritize that. I also believe in practicing in bed. So right when your alarm goes off first thing in the morning, just connect to your breath. Give yourself time to set the intention for the day and just arrive in your body after sleep (or after a night of insomnia) and then go from there. I also share which meditation sequence is best for you if you take the quiz on my website. Thanks Erin! We’ve packed a lot into this time together and we know that there's going to be many more conversations to come! Listen to the full conversation. You can find out more about working with Erin, her courses and certification programs at Erin is also sharing practices and meditations on Talk Show at Erin on Youtube. Take Erin's free Manifestation Masterclass. Erin on Social @erinrdoppelt on Instagram @erinrdoppelt on Facebook @erindoppelt on TikTok

SECRET POWER: Creating Your Snapshot Manifestation

One of Erin Doppelt’s most sacred practices that she teaches is called “Snapshot Manifestation,” which she says has been “absolutely life altering.” Erin says that she used this process to manifest her husband, her book deal and so much more. According to Erin, Snapshot Manifestation is sitting in the feeling of already having all you desire, and you’re creating it using a specific event in the future. Want to try it for yourself? This visualization process can be done in just a few minutes, and can have life changing results. Here’s how to do it: Step One - Get Grounded: Start by calming your body. Connect with your breath and allow your mind to relax. Step Two - Choose the Timing: Picture an event six months to a year and a half from right now. It's an event that's going to occur no matter what and has a very clear date associated with it. Think of events like a family vacation, a holiday, or a wedding. Step Three - Feel It: Picture yourself at this event. Focus on how it feels to be there. For instance, if you are calling in your highest romantic partner, what does it feel like at the first dance of your cousin’s wedding with your beloved’s arm draped on your shoulder? If you are manifesting a child, what does it feel like to place your hand on your stomach and feel a swollen belly? If you are manifesting a book deal or business endeavors, what does it feel like to quickly check your phone and see an exciting text message from a publisher that wants to talk? Step Four - Play it Out: Stay in your snapshot manifestation for about 10 minutes and lean into the details. If you are feeling into the manifestation of sitting at a coffee shop in a new city with your husband talking about the day ahead and it feels so fun. How does the day unfold? Be as specific as you can and also capture how you feel in this experience. Step Five - Reground and Repeat: Bring yourself out of your visualization by picturing golden braided roots at the base of your tailbone, moving through the floor into the ground, connecting to the earth's core. This will anchor your dream to the earth. Your daily practice is to sit in the feeling of your snapshot manifestation every single day, no matter what. Erin says that this simple practice has resulted in many people telling her that they manifest multiple things at once. So, give it a try! Have fun with it – and see where your snapshot manifestation takes you!

THE WEEKLY DOWNLOAD: Reimagine Life + Follow Your Soul's Knowing

Our Downloads are for everyone reading THE WEEKLY -- they are guidance from Spirit + The Universe that are channeled through us. Our messages this week remind us that we have the opportunity to make a new choice -- and to move forward with your soul's deepest desire. KAREN'S DOWNLOAD This is a time of rebirth and reimagining. A time when all the seeds that you have planted are getting ready to bloom. This is the season of new life, new experiences, new beginnings.

Remember that at every moment, you have a choice for what to feel. That no matter what the “outward appearances” of your life may offer you in terms of experiences and opportunities, that might feel random and unintended, you always have the power to make a decision. And in your power to make a decision for what to feel, you always are in charge of your own destiny. Because your destiny is determined by your present moment. And your present moment is the place of your power.

In this way, you can be reborn with any of your choices. You can pivot, step forward, or stand still. You can wait, or pounce or retreat or just do nothing. You can frolic and play, or you can rest and reflect.

Ah, is this not the joy of it? Of being able to sample the big buffet of life and only engage with what calls to you? That you can readjust and reset whenever you choose?

For this reason, we are never trapped or lost. We are always on the journey and that is the very point of it all. Whether we wander or take the shortest distance between two points, we are always on the voyage of experience. Tangible or emotional, it is all there for us to sample, to judge for ourselves, and form preferences for the next.

As you gather your intentions for this day, send your order to the chef of the Universe that you want more of the good stuff. Bring me more of that, you will say. More joy, more bounty, more lovely surprises, more serendipity, more love. Ask and expect more abundance to show up and be delivered to your door. And when you look out and see all of those beautiful packages waiting for you, know that more is always within your reach. It comes to you easily, like birthday gifts of your positive expectation. Without thought, with ease, as if by magic, they appear to you. And, do not forget to also take inventory of all the other packages that have already been delivered. The ones that are blessings living within your experience already. The people, places, possessions and experiences that have already touched your heart and soul. We are given so much, even in our most simplest moments (which can hold the richest treasures of all.) Lean in today to your absolute knowing that you are always blessed because you are alive. Whatever is on that buffet for you today, whatever gifts may be delivered on your doorstep…know that they are your bounty. They hold wisdom, they hold experiences, they hold choices. They are your soul bearers.

This is the season to remember that new birth, new paths and new journey’s await you. Everything you seek is within your reach. Plant your seeds with rich, loving choices and the blossoms will unfold from the soil that feeds it.

ROBYN'S DOWNLOAD Start walking the walk. Don’t just wait. Do it. We’ve been telling you — it’s time. Do it. Get really clear with WHAT it is you desire. What does it look like? How does it feel most importantly? That thing that your heart most desires…how does it feel? Is there an image that comes to mind when you think about this? Describe it. Now what is the first thing you can do to get you closer to this feeling? To this thing? Your soul knows. LISTEN TO IT. Don’t ignore it any longer. Walk towards the knowing. What can you do today? When you know you’re doing the work to get to it, then the other parts of your day won’t feel so upsetting because you know you’re getting closer to the really good stuff. To the evolution of your soul and the next right point on this soul’s journey. Look out for the helpers. They are all around you. They are both “real” and also energetic. So there will be other humans that are going to help you — whether it’s for the next leg of the journey or for the rest of this life’s journey…some people are there to give you a lift to the next stop and some are there for the whole journey. It doesn’t matter — they are the helpers and you are helpers to them as well. Remember that. This embodying humanness always has many sides. We are both the answers and the questions. It’s such a fantastic and marvelous experience — It’s all how you look at it. It's your perspective. And there are the energies all around us, waiting for you to call upon them for help as well. For those that are feeling stuck…it’s time to get unstuck. There are so many reasons to move forward, and while life is full of ups and downs and everything in between…it should be full of many more ups and downs — and it is certainly meant to be LIVED…forward movement, not just maintaining that middle of the roadness. Not just playing it safe. Move. Feel. Expand. Love. All is available. There is unlimited abundance and opportunity — you just have to know that it is yours for the taking.


April 11:Becoming A Manifestation Magnet + Activating Your Dream LifeWE WANT TO BE FRIENDSWe want to hear from you.

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Are you seeking guidance? What do you want to hear about? What practices have you tried? Do you have a healer or practitioner or spiritual modality that we need to know about?

And follow us on instagram at @seekingcenterrobyn and @seekingcenterofficial.

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