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"bad day” makeover + why “that shit” may be a gift

THE PULSE: WTF Summer?!!


How are we approaching Labor Day?! We're doing our best NOT to freak out, however OMG it's the end of the summer. How has your summer been? Take a moment to reflect.

As we reflect, while it's felt like a hot's been tremendously fulfilling all around. We just wish there was more of it! How about you?


At a high level...let's just say there's a lot going on from an astrological perspective this week. It's the first full week of Virgo season + Mercury in Retrograde. It may feel intense and could feel a bit cray cray with the full moon tomorrow, August 30 at 9:35pm ET.

Astrologer Stevie Calista says, "For a few weeks in Mercury’s cycle, the planet of communication, learning, technology slows down. Because we are the planets and the planets are us, we all are invited to slow down as well. Venus is also still retrograde until September 4th which means we have already been in a slowed down period.

The conjunction of Mercury and Mars (which we have all been feeling since mid August) during this time ignites a spark of determination and dynamism. This cosmic partnership lends us the courage to communicate our intentions and assert our needs. It's time to voice our desires and take calculated actions to manifest our dreams. Let your thoughts and words become tools for creating positive change in your life.

The current relationship between Mercury and Uranus sparks innovation and breakthroughs. Expect flashes of insight and a heightened ability to see things from a fresh perspective."

She continues on, "The astrological alignments right now encourage us to reflect and revisit. It asks us where in our lives we have been 'shoulding' ourselves to death? Where do we feel resentment towards what we are serving? What needs organizing? How can we be more intentional? What healthy and routines practices need to be revisited?

Trust in the process, even if it leads you into uncharted territories. ESPECIALLY when it leads you into uncharted territories.

Remember, astrology is a tool for self-discovery and growth, offering insights that can inspire and guide you on your journey. It's always wise to blend astrological insights with your own intuition and practical decision-making. The magic is within you."

Stevie's insight is especially helpful for tomorrow's Full Moon -- which is an opportunity to release all of the "shoulds" or places where we feel resentment.

Stevie recommends these specific crystals for Virgo season as beautiful tools to enhance your connection to your magic.

  • Fluorite

  • Jade

  • Chrysocolla

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Have you found yourself in a place where you're finding it hard to see the light? Are you in a situation where you feel there's no way out and that you have no choice? Or perhaps you're simply just having a “bad day?” We're diving into our own “real life stuff.” In a very real conversation, we're sharing our own experiences and how we tackle the challenging moments when days get tough. We offer some of our go-to tips, tools and resources for turning it all around and as we like to say, “make that shit a gift.” Here are a few highlights from our conversation: Robyn Miller Brecker: We all have those moments when we’re feeling frustrated, upset or angry; when our energy is “off.” What do we mean by energy? Tune into your energy at this moment. What does it feel like around you? Do you feel peaceful? Are you in a rush? Classify what that feels like, because that is frequency and energy. Karen Loenser: I think many of us are energy sponges and don’t know it. We could wake up feeling really good about the day and then by the time we get in our car and get to wherever it may be, we've already picked up on all the energy that's going on around us and don’t realize it. And that can bring on anxiety that we pick up from all those people in our lives. Are they happy with me? Are they not happy with me? We're spending so much time in that spiral of inner judgment that we can find it difficult to get out of at times. I know that has been really true for me. This is always an opportunity to decide where your power is to make that choice of, am I going to continue or think of a better thought? Robyn: In these situations, we know that there are opportunities to turn things around and really look at things from a different perspective. It doesn’t mean that everything goes away, but you can do things to help you feel your energy shift. Then you can start looking at things from a different perspective. Karen: We also know that our energy is going to attract our future experiences. So it's so important to try to find ways to readjust your thoughts and bring them back to the light. Robyn: Yes! If you're at a certain frequency and you're thinking certain things, it's going to attract more of that. So if you can change your thoughts, change your energy to be on a different vibrational level, even though you can't see it, but you can feel it, you're going to attract more of that vibrational level, which feels better. There's actually simple tools that we want to give you to help you release this energy. When it comes down to it though, it's releasing the fear so you're not caught up in it, and you can attract the solutions, people or opportunities to make life better! Interested in trying some of those tools for yourself? Check out this week's Secret Power below for a few of our favorites, and listen to the full podcast to get all the how-to’s for resetting your new energetic frequency. The result? You’ll be on your way to attracting more of what you do want, and less of what you don’t want!


Tools for Attunement: Simple Ways to Shift Your Energy Now

On this week’s podcast, we’re sharing some of our go-to energy shifters that we use on a daily basis. Put these to the test when you find yourself needing a mood boost. It might surprise you how fast you can go from “meh” to “YAY!” Feel Your Music - You most likely already know that listening to music that you love makes you feel good and helps to shift your energy fast! So, your go-to party or "happy" playlist is always an option, but you might also want to try some ancient Sound Frequencies on your favorite meditation app or search Solfeggio frequencies and see how they resonate. These are specific tones that can promote stress relief, calmness and sleep. You can also check out the Soaak App that produces music specific programming designed to get you in a better vibration. Don’t Be it, Feel It - As you sort through some of the “lower” emotions, like sadness or loneliness, take care not to “own” that feeling. Instead of saying, “I am lonely,” or “I am sad,” substitute the word, “am” with “feel. “ So, “I feel lonely” or “I feel sad.” Then you can acknowledge that this is a temporary emotion and it is not who you are, or going to be with you forever. Blast Your Energy Power Washer - Elizabeth Furest, one of our favorite energy practitioners, taught us a visualization tool use every day. Imagine that you have this powerful internal power washer that can go in and clear away all of the dark little cobwebs of negativity that may be within your system. Then visualize that power washer spraying everything with white light energy, leaving everything clear and bright. You can do this any time for an uplifting dose of positive energy that can help you cast out negative emotions. As you continue to practice, you will come to know that you have the power to choose to feel good in every moment. And you will come to trust (and know!) that whatever is happening for you at that moment, even if it feels like “shit,” it is a gift. We believe that our purpose in this lifetime is to enjoy ourselves and be on the journey. It's full of highs and lows – all to serve us as part of our soul’s journey. Our goal with the Seeking Center podcast is to help you look at things from a new perspective and adjust your energy accordingly. Come back to this podcast anytime you're having a “bad day.” It will be here for you. And, we are here for you!


Our Downloads are for everyone reading -- they are guidance from Spirit + The Universe that are channeled through us. This week, Robyn shares messages to light your way. ROBYN'S DOWNLOAD Flow. We ask that you TRUST. All is happening for you. It is that feeling of calm. It is the synchronicities. The feeling of pure joy. You are in the flow. Can you be aware enough to feel it? To be in deep gratitude and appreciation.

The preciseness of this experience is so real. You are exactly where you are meant o be at this very moment.

And how is the experience for your at this very moment.? As you read these words, what are you feeling? Honor the feeling. Is it gratitude? Is it anger? Is it confusion? Is it joy? All of these feelings are valid. You came here to FEEL.

Feeling is a gift. And the this journey allows you to manage the feelings and experience all that being human offers. It is ALL of it.

And the goal is to lessen the fear. Eradicate fear from your life. It doesn’t mean you will eradicate fear from all. That is not the intention. You came to eradicate it from your life as a human. On a soul level you will not have fear. You will know love and joy. Fear in this lifetime is a signal. It is a signal to choose something different. It is an opportunity to ask for help. It is as an opportunity to ask yourself for guidance.

Think of fear and the feeling of fear as an opportunity. Once you address this feeling of fear you will get back to flow. Flow is the calm. Flow is the the pocket of love and goodness and joy. It is a constant river of peace within yourself. We spend these lives in and out of flow on purpose so that we can feel. Feeling is a gift. Fear can be a gift if you can use it to get back to flow.

Start to be aware at what causes you fear. What causes you anxiety? Thank yourself for the awareness. Now, what can you do to take action to eradicate that particular fear? What can you do to get your mind calmer? Can you release it? Can you put steps in place that alleviate it?

We are all around you. Ask us for guidance. Ask us for help. We will put the helpers in your way. Helpers can come in all forms. It may be a person. It may be a book. It may be a podcast It may be a sign you see while driving. It may be an experience that leads you the helper. Be open. Be aware for the help.

Once you begin to see that help is all around you and you don’t need to live in fear. You will get to flow. And life will feel sooo magnificent and magical and FUN.

That is the point. Let’s get you there. You are not alone. You are loved and you are supported. KAREN'S DOWNLOAD Your “energy flow” is like a faucet of white light that you can turn on or off through your emotional guidance system. When you are in full flow you can feel the gush of a cool vibration course through you. It feels lifegiving - pure flow - no hesitation - like an exhale of oneness with Universal love. Can you feel it? Allow yourself to experience this rush of clean, clear, elevating infusion of unconditional love. This is who you are. This is how you experience the juicy playfulness of life. Breathe it in. Allow it to permeate every molecule of your being…with health, wellness, connection, wholeness. Turning off the faucet leaves you thirsty and constricted. It is like the air has been removed from your lungs. You know this is not your natural state of being. You feel the contrast of what you know your core state of spirit is feeling. It is not the real you. Know that it is only a temporary moment in time. It is just the inflection of being human. Of feeling the feels. This is the state that reminds you who you are NOT. And when you feel “bad, sad, or lonely” you are not yourself. And this is the compass telling you that you need to go a different way. If you feel “the weight of the world on your shoulders,” let go of holding on. Imagine that you are a graceful bird, soaring through the sky. Feel the freedom of knowing that you have the power to feel whatever you CHOOSE. You alone have the POWER over your feelings, thoughts and emotions. You control that in the NOW, NOW, NOW. When the heavy emotions come, you can choose to lean into them, or to CHOOSE AGAIN. And do remember, while you are here to experience all of the earthly emotions in this Earth school of learning, you are NEVER alone. You have a whole team of soul shepherds who surround you at every hour, of every second, of every day. Ask for help when you need it. Their care and love for you awaits only your call, which gives them the power to serve you at the highest level. You are grace, You are flow. You are energy. You are eternal.You are the light bearer that has come to this world to elevate others to a higher plane. Know this is the truth of who you are and you will never doubt your power again.


AUGUST 29:“Bad Day” Makeover + Why “That Shit” May Be A GiftWE WANT TO BE FRIENDSWe want to hear from you.

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Are you seeking guidance? What do you want to hear about? What practices have you tried? Do you have a healer or practitioner or spiritual modality that we need to know about?

And follow us on instagram at @seekingcenterrobyn and @seekingcenterofficial.

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