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simple healthy habits to manage real life

Updated: Sep 25, 2022


Today's New Moon is in Cancer -- and it's full of good vibes. If you're looking to start something new whether it's a new project or a new chapter in your life -- this is the perfect time to set your intentions. We will be!

We also have Neptune going retrograde today until December 3. Unlike Mercury, the planet of Communication, going retrograde, Neptune is all about our intuition. When it goes retrograde we have the opportunity to take a deeper look into what our authentic self -- our soul -- really wants us to see. You can use these few months to tap into that inner knowing. Set intentions to connect with that knowing -- and see what comes to you in your own inner voice or through signs and synchronicities all around you.

And, how is the end of June?! We talked about shifting timelines during this month...and it feels like June went by with the blink of an eye.

The energy in the world continues to feel completely bonkers. Our anxiety levels are at an all-time high. We hope that our podcast this week can help! Read on.

THE PODCAST: Anxiety Game Changers with Jessica Cording

Have you ever felt like you’re drinking all the green juice, trying all the latest diets, and doing all of the workouts that are supposed to make you feel better than ever — and somehow you feel even more burnt out? Or does

stress derail your self-care routine? In this week’s podcast, we caught up with Jessica Cording, a true innovator in mind, body and spirit wellness. As a registered dietitian, health coach and author, Jess has followed her passion for incorporating healthy living and wellness into “real life” routines.

Jess also used to let stress run the show in her own life. Fast forward to Jess today where she now shares what she calls “mind, body, spirit hacks” for managing stress and wellness. She’s developed tools and resources that provide science-based education and actionable tips for managing anxiety, reducing disease risk, and feeling better NOW. Her book The Little Book of Game Changers: 50 Healthy Habits for Managing Stress and Anxiety is a treasure trove of simple, no-nonsense wellness goodness that offer nuggets of wellness wisdom to help us “chill the heck out and feel better.” Jess is also the author of the upcoming The Farewell Tour: A Caregiver’s Guide to Stress Management, Sane Nutrition, and Better Sleep (release date: October 11, 2022). Healthy living doesn’t have to be complicated, and Jess is out there spreading the message! Robyn + Karen: Jess, many people don't realize how much your diet can actually change your life. How did you make the jump to tying nutrition with anxiety and stress along with this idea of the small changes? Was that somethi

ng that you learned about while you were in school or was that something you figured out later in terms of how to really help incorporate better nutrition in someone's life? Jess: That's a wonderful question. What they are teaching in school now is changing. We're seeing a little more holistic and comprehensive programs. I did my education at NYU and and Hunter and I did my clinical training at New York Presbyterian. So it was the most clinical of the clinical, which I wanted. I loved that. I did not have a nine to five job until I was 35 years old because the dietitians job market was very competitive and as a new grad I just need to pay my bills. And I found myself in my doctor's office with heart palpitations. I was like, “I'm stressed at work. I'm not really sleeping.” She's like “how much coffee are you drinking?” And I was like, "Hmm. Okay…” So that was kind of the beginning of really confronting how I was not managing my own stress. I was working at the hospital for special surgery doing floor coverage as a per diem, but I was also the dietician for the ALS clinic, which was such an incredible opportunity, because it really taught me a lot about the va

lue of food as a connector and really beyond just the functionality of eating. It really highlighted for me the emotional, social, spiritual aspect of eating and also put quality of life into perspective, and I really made that more of a priority. And that I think was really for me in my own life, seeing the effect of stress and over-reliance on coffee. That was what got me first interested in this. At that time, I was also doing a lot of continuing education and going to holistic conferences and learning about the gut brain connection. That was a big piece for me. Once I started to understand that the brain in our gut, the entire nervous system, talks to the brain in our head, that really set up a whole new approach for me. Just really thinking about that communication that happens in the body and all the things that impact it. The stress piece, I think when I was working in the corporate world. I had the opportunity to work with the same people over time and really get a sense of each individual and what they needed and also just see that effect of workplace stress. But really looking at small changes. it was just sort of an approach I just started trying because I found that a lot of people were overwhelmed. It was really just wanting to help people feel better in small ways and t

o help decrease the overwhelm. Robyn + Karen: In your book you have so many good ideas. Is there one small change that you think applies to most people that they could be making in order to decrease the stress in their lives? Jess: When we're talking about stress, I think it really starts with acknowledging that the goal is not to necessarily reduce stress. I'm always annoyed when I hear a practitioner say, reduce your stress. It's almost as maddening as when someone says get seven hours of uninterrupted sleep. With stress it's really about being aware of what specifically causes you stress? You can get super granular about this. It can be something big, something little, but identify the stressor. And then I identify what you can and can't control about it. Understand the stuff that you can't control. Understand how maddening that can be and how frustrating and just to hold space for that, acknowledge it. Then come up with a plan, even if it's like one teeny tiny little action step. Addressing the stressor in that way will bring you some peace of mind or add a little bit more ease to your day. So it's not about reducing the stress, but it's making sure you have the coping skills that will help you feel resilient in the face of that stress. Robyn + Karen: Love that advice! A lot of people overeat when they're stressed out and then there's others that go the opposite way and don't eat at all. What do you suggest for people when they're in that kind of stressful situation? Jess: I pretty much always bring it back to blood sugar. If I could go back in time and give my younger self some advice it would be to make sure I was eating enough healthy fat and protein to keep my blood sugar stable. I grew up being told for so many years that fat was bad, And I remember times where I would have these mood swings, these energy crashes, and wondering, why do I feel like this? And once I got old enough to realize oh, right, if you just put some peanut butter on that banana, or if you eat low fat or full fat yogurt instead of fat free, or have eggs instead of oatmeal for breakfast, you're gonna feel so much better. When you're stressed out, our nervous system when it's on

the fritz and is increasing levels of stress hormones, like cortisol, for example, and cortisol is very tied into our blood sugar. So as we're going on this stress roller coaster, our blood glucose is also going on this roller coaster. So having an appropriate balance of protein, fat and carbohydrate can really help stabilize because when we eat any kind of carbohydrate. whether it's from a grain or a fruit or starchy vegetable or from sugar. as, as we

digest that food, the starches break dow

n to smaller molecules and then enter our bloodstream, and our, and our glucose goes up. That's why we need some carbohydrate in our diet. It gives our body some fuel. But what can happen is if either we're eating that carbohydrate on an empty stomach, or we don't have protein and or fat or fiber to slow down that digestive process. our blood sugar is gonna go up quickly and then it's gonna come down quickly and we're gonna be on this rollercoaster all day. And with that, because blood sugar regulates our energy, our mood, our focus and it's tied into our stress response. You know, that's gonna make our quality of life for that day, a lot more challenging. But protein, fat fiber, they all buffer the breakdown of those carbohydrates. So we experience a much more slow and steady increase and decrease in blood sugar, which helps us feel more stable. Just little tweaks like that can help set you up for more more balanced day. Robyn + Karen: So much wisdom Jess! You take everything and put it together in such a beautiful way. For more on Jess, and to order her fantastic book, The Little Book of Game Changers, or to pre-order The Farewell Tour visit

jessicacordingnutrition. And you can also download her podcast “Drama Free Healthy Living Podcast,” wherever you listen to your podcasts.

SECRET POWER: Your Game Plan

Jessica shares some of her favorites from her 50 Game Changers. They are reminders that no matter the circumstances, we always have the power to guide our own thoughts, emotions and actions if we create our own game plan. Try these powerful, yet simple suggestions.

1. Put Your Own Name on Your Calendar: Yes you!!! Make yourself a priority. Putting the time aside on your calendar helps ensure that that time gets used for your needs. It also reinforces that your health and wellbeing matters just as much as all the other priorities on your to-do list.

2. Ask for Help: This is a big one. When you need it, ASK!! Feeling lost or alone? Reach out to others for assistance, advice or just a conversation.

3. Practicing Saying No: It may take practice, but do it until you feel confident and you can own that NO. We know if you're a people pleaser, or a recovering people pleaser this is going to be a challenge but it is vital. You need to be aware of what is sucking your energy and then give it the heave ho!

4. Have a Stress Management Plan: We know that stress happens...and coming up with a plan to manage those energy sucks and overwhelm when they knock on your door is key.

5. Make a Loneliness Game Plan: After experiencing Covid, quarantine and the like -- it feels imperative to do make this plan. Jess says, literally make a list of things to do if lonely sets in. It could be a list of places to visit, ways to pamper yourself, or even a good list of escapism movies to binge. Having that list of go-to's will shift your energy and help you feel better.

THE DOWNLOAD: Tapping into the Collective Energy

Sometimes we are extra mind-blown at the synergies of our downloads! This is one of those times. In this week's sharing, it was as if our angels and guides were tapping into the collective energy of our planet, trying to help us understand the meaning in what seems like worldly chaos and disconnection. This is where these messages bring us back to center and help remind us of the true nature of our souls and what we are here to learn.

Robyn’s Download: We Must Unknow to Know

We are now in a time of realigning.

We must pay attention and be aware of the signs around us on a daily basis guiding us to help one another. We don’t want to be divided as humans, that is not the purpose. We need to learn to work together. Respect one another. We need to see each other as souls. What would it take for you to see the soul inside you rather than the human form?

Clear what you think you know and come to a situation with fresh eyes and real curiosity and openness to see how to approach that situation differently and with no judgment. It may seem difficult to do because we are programmed at an early age by what we hear and see as children. We must unknow to know.

What would it take for you to unknow and treat everyone as equals? Nobody is any better than another — you must fundamentally realize that. The world has created these hierarchies that aren’t real. What is real is that we are all souls on a journey and that is something we all share. We all breathe the same air. We must respect one another, the planet, and our journey.

We must listen for the pulse of the planet. It will help fuel us and keep us going. What allows you to listen to that heartbeat? Make time for it. Do more of that. It relates to your own health, your inner being. If you can be in touch with the Earth and what you put in your body and surround yourself with it will help you live the life you are supposed to live in this lifetime.

Get quiet and listen. What does your body need? What does your mind need? What does your soul need? Are you listening?

Karen’s Download: Rise Above the Fences

In your minds eye – capture the feeling of expansion. In the places that you might see walls or fences, imagine yourself rising above them. Gliding on the air and seeing only miles and miles of unobstructed open sky.

In these days when everything that’s happening in the world might not make sense, or feels like it is in chaos, know that the inner peace that lies within is the only realness. The outside is circumstances that you can chose not to participate in emotionally, even when your physical seems enveloped by it.

There is a space of righteousness in every debate. Everyone coming to it is coming from their own learnings. It is neither right nor wrong. It is belief which is only a thought you keep thinking. Do not participate in the fear, the anger or the seemingly black and white conflict of it. Remember that we are all here to have our human experience in our own way…and that there are learnings in all of it.

Judgment is such a personal story. It is like a family recipe that is handed down from one generation to the next. It is full of ingredients that have been carried, adjusted from others and personalized by our own creation. Judgment is not part of love. It is something that aligns us with others to feel safe. It is a barrier to acceptance. It is a line drawn in the sand that isolates us from the oneness of which we all are. Judgment is only fear and it keeps us from remembering who we are.

For today, do your best to release this separation from others that you may not understand. Everything that is happening is amplifying discernment. Discernment is simply a way for us all to try to take the temperature of our life experience. If you can remember that this is just your Earth School…debate is part of being human. Of trying to learn more.

In those moments when you feel lost in it…remember to rise above what only looks like the barrier of fences. Go back to the beautiful open sky where all of our origins lie. Where we are free, where we are love, and we are one.

Thanks angels and guides! Your wisdom is truly the light on our path to remembering who we really are,

We hope this wisdom from our guides helps light the path for you to remembering who you really are!


JUNE 28: Anxiety Game Changers: Simple Healthy Habits to Manage Real LifeWE WANT TO BE FRIENDSWe want to hear from you.

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Are you seeking guidance? What do you want to hear about? What practices have you tried? Do you have a healer or practitioner or spiritual modality that we need to know about?

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