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akashic records: activate the wisdom of your soul

THE PULSE: Buh-Bye Summer, Hello Happy

How are things going? We are officially saying buh-bye to summer in the Northern Hemisphere on Thursday, September 22. We're kind of in denial over here. However, there are lots of spectacular reasons to welcome the Fall equinox.

During the equinox we honor the balance of light and dark, with approximately 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night.

According to Elite Daily, with Libra season on the horizon, the spiritual meaning of the 2022 Fall equinox is centering around interdependence. The goal will be to be your most authentic self in social situations...of which there will be ample opportunity. How do show up as YOU?

And Explore Deeply suggests honoring all that you have in your life and to shift your consciousness from one of lack, to one of prosperity and gratitude during this time. After all, this season is all about the bounty of the harvest .

As two people that absolutely LOVE Summer, during this transition to Fall Karen and I needed tto revisit wise words written by Michael Singer in his book The Untethered Soul. "Do you want to be happy, or do you NOT want to be happy?" As Singer says, "Once you make that choice, your path through life becomes totally clear. Most people don’t dare give themselves that choice because they think it’s not under their control."

As he continues, "But it is definitely under our control. We just have to own that choice and vow to live by it."

We especially love when he says, "You were not put on this Earth to suffer. You’re not helping anybody being miserable.You’re sitting on a planet spinning around in the middle of absolutely nowhere. Go ahead, take a look at reality. You’re floating in empty space in a Universe that goes on forever. If you have to be here, at least be happy and enjoy the experience."

We're choosing to be happy, we hope you are too!

In this week's podcast, we have just the team to help transform your thinking and activate the wisdom of your soul. Meet Golbahar and Brian.


Akashic Records: Activate the Wisdom of Your Soul

In this week's podcast, Karen and I are in constant awe of the people that the Universe puts in our path. We met Golbahar and Brian through our trusted friend, integration and plant medicine specialist, Torrie Nelson. Torrie couldn’t stop talking about her experiences with Golbahar and Brian – and we knew if she was blown away, we would be too.

Golbahar and Brian have over sixteen years of studying mind, body and spirit and access the Akashic Records to provide you with unbiased truth straight from your subconscious mind. If you’re seeking breakthroughs and personal growth, their readings and coaching offer valuable wisdom and specific guidance. Karen and I experienced a reading with them first hand – and we were left speechless. The insights, messages and steps given to us aligned deeply with our soul. We knew we had to talk more and dive deeper into their learnings and the Universal Truths they’ve come to know. Here’s a snippet of our insightful and enlightening conversation. Robyn + Karen: Golbahar, you channel the Akashic Records. Can you explain how you do it and how that energy comes through you? Golbahar: It's a very good question! Some people call it channeling. We call it reading the records, because it's literally going in and reading information that moves through me. We trained for about two and a half years and it’s a very rigorous process to learn how to read the records. Sometimes I would go in kicking and screaming because it is uncomfortable! You have to surrender yourself and you have to trust your conductor, who in my case is Brian. In that process, you go to this place in your mind, kind of like in meditation, where you go under deeper and deeper. It's like surrendering your outer self. I always say to people, “ I just want you to know. It’s not me giving you these messages! Even though it’s my voice, it is this beautiful conduit moving through my voice that then moves the information through my consciousness.” R&K: For those who don’t know the Akashic Records, how would you define them? Brian: The Akashic Records is literally the record of everything that's ever occurred. In the Bible, it's called The Book of Life. It's sometimes called the Hall of Records. And at the end of your life when you do your Life Review you go through the Akashic Records of your lifetime and review everything that has happened on your conscious and subconscious level. It's all captured. Even our past lives are stored in the Akashic Records. It's literally like a library of everything that has happened throughout history.

Golbahar: “Akasha” in Sanskrit means “the sky.” And so the way that I see it, it's all that there is and all that has ever been. When you die, your Guide and you go through a process of reviewing your life. And then you also go through a process of going through the Records, looking at lives you’ve touched, to understand and then decide, what are you going to do in your next life. R&K: What can someone expect when doing a reading with you? Golbahar: To me, part of the beauty of the reading is when I ask people “what are your questions?” Some people know, and some people don't know what they are or how to articulate them. And it's just taking the time to do that work. And the questions are so beautiful. Like, how do I get this relationship to be better? Or how do I find the relationship that I want? Mother, daughter stuff, familial stuff, career, money, health, happiness, spiritual growth, connecting to Guides... Some people have had really profound, spiritual experiences. Brian: We've done over 3000 readings. In every reading, you are given the opportunity to ask five questions. Where Golbahar goes for these readings, depends upon where I guide her. One example is we go to the Akashic Records for a health reading. We will go specifically to where you are located so we need to know your physical address at that moment of your reading. For some of the other ones, she'll read you specifically…your spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and energetic system. The readings always empower you with steps that you can take. And it provides you with a different perspective that creates actual change and movement because it helps you see things differently. Karen: What I loved about the experience that we had is that once you get into it, you really feel this permeating wisdom and that the answers to your questions are coming from a completely different place. And, you also gave some really specific follow up things to do afterwards to help strengthen the learnings we got from the Records. Robyn: What I love to point out to everyone listening is that Karen and I did a relationship reading to better understand how we're supposed to work together in this lifetime. What was so validating for us was this backstory of one of our past lives together. There was one that was extremely specific in how it relates to what we're doing now. And we talk about it now almost on a daily basis. Golbahar: I love that so much. Because you all also have a tremendous amount of wisdom and that's kind the thing with the readings is to activate that wisdom from your soul. Robyn: Yes. It felt that way. It felt like an activation. Yes! Thank you Golbahar and Brian, we are so grateful! To work with Golbahar and Brian, find out more about any of their sessions, classes and offerings that we talked about today, as well as coaching, visit Listen to the full podcast.

SECRET POWER: Your Benefit

We were so energized by Golbahar and Brian’s wisdom that we asked them to share one of their simple practices to feel happier and healthier. Golbahar: Thank you for asking that. We thought about that question to make it simple. Here are 3 steps that I use that help to keep me sane and centered. 1. Remember that “life is for learning.” 2. In any experience you might be having, take a moment and ground into that concept. 3. Then ask yourself, “What is the benefit of this experience? What am I needing to learn?” Be open. Brian: I agree. 100%. I'll add one thing. When you ask the question, take a deep breath, really breathe into it and bring yourself to the present moment. And then I added to that. Instead of saying “everything happens for a reason,” reword that to “Everything happens for my benefit.” Aha!! Everything happens for our benefit. Yes!

THE DOWNLOAD: You Are Perfect + Finding Peace Every Day

We set the intention to receive messages for the highest good for all that read these downloads this week. The messages have instilled us with reassurance, love and Universal connection. Plus, a reminder from Spirit.


We are entering into a time of readjustment. A time where we are picking up the pace to get things done. There is a shift in our attention. A new energy is infused in our surroundings.

There is a feeling that things are not quite as they ought to be. And yet, in reaching for expectations we can miss the meaning that is standing right in front of us.

When I close my eyes I am in a white room full of windows. There are no screens, or walls or glass between me and the sky. Only bright light and a gentle breeze that flows throughout the space which is immaculate, expansive and regal.

It is a place of peace that knows no location or time.

It is a place of consciousness and energetic wisdom.

It knows me and I know it.

I come here often when my thoughts get lost. And I ask for help. I say my prayer hoping that it is being listened to, somewhere by some wise eternal soul.

Today, the answer came.

Rise above and know that all you seek you will find.

It is already within you.

Know that there is no time or distance or answer that needs to be given

You are all that there needs to be

And you are infinite and loved and perfect.

There is nothing for you to do.

There is everything for you to be.

Because you are.

With my eyes closed, I feel the light fill the room

As if it is answering the wisdom with an affirmation

I seek to know more.

Remember that when you are feeling the most alone, the most unsure, it is in those spaces that the answers to your questions live

Go there. And shine your light like a flashlight in those dark crevices

You will find only dusty fear

Memories of the past that no longer have any power over you.

Your present you is power

Your future you is infinite

You are already everything - fulfilled, complete and whole

You can never be anything but perfect

Because you are you - and you are love.

Opening my eyes, the world is the same

But I am changed, knowing this me.

And at least for today, I promise myself to be the answer to my own prayer.


Walking along the beach. Waves go in and out. Throwing rocks in the water. Seeing shells. Enjoying the air and the water and the sand beneath our feet. The tide.

Life is like the tides. There is an ebb and flow. You have to be ready and willing to go with the flow. You have to take time to feel the sand. And throw the rock. And pick the shells. And smell the air.

Ask yourself, are you doing that? Are you doing that some of the time? Any of the time? Are you ignoring that ebb and flow? Are you ignoring the natural rhythm of the earth which maps to the natural rhythm of your own heartbeat?

Your heartbeat and the tides and the energy of the earth are all connected. Are you too busy or distracted or scared, and therefore you're missing that natural connection?

Your goal this week should be to start paying attention. Start being aware. Where are you moving to the nature rhythm of life? Where are you moving against it?

Some of the time, happenings won't make sense, but if you trust and you go with the rhythm, the result from following the flow that will be revealed is far greater than you could ever imagine.

This is your reminder.

Awareness is key.

How can you start to pay attention? What can you do throughout each day to check in with yourself? What makes your heart sing?

There is a cycle and connection. We are all sharing this space. The Earth is home to all of us. It all has its own heartbeat -- it holds energy. Remember that.

Harmony is a goal. Fear gets in the way of harmony. Fear builds walls. Release fear wherever you can. The more you release, the more others will release, the more harmony can be created.

Can you hear the sound of the water and the waves? It is peaceful. Think of that peace flowing throughout your heart, throughout your being.

You can always call to that peace throughout the day. Release fear that arises and think of the calming waves and find peace.

You can be a part of bringing peace and flow to all.


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SEPTEMBER 20:Akashic Records: Activate the Wisdom of Your SoulWE WANT TO BE FRIENDSWe want to hear from you.

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Are you seeking guidance? What do you want to hear about? What practices have you tried? Do you have a healer or practitioner or spiritual modality that we need to know about?

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