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Updated: Oct 13, 2023

THE PULSE: Looking for Love in All the Right Places.

As February 14 looms on your calendar, do you cringe? We do. As our culture is love BOMBED by roses, chocolate and cards, do you ever wonder how Valentine’s Day got so off course?!

Here’s a real opportunity to rethink Valentine’s Day altogether. What if it’s a reminder to acknowledge love in ALL ways. The love we have for ourselves, the love we have for each other. Acknowledging the energy of LOVE. It is infinitely abundant if you tap into it.

What if we made it a universal love day? What if we all showed love, what would happen to the world?

Use today to recalibrate. Take a moment and measure where you are on The Love Scale. From a one to a ten, where are you? Are you a one? A five? What would it take to move up a few notches? Are you showing enough love to others in your life? How about to yourself? You need to start with YOU first. Do you love you?

The universe loves you. Every single molecule of you. No matter what. With all of the spiritual work that we’ve done over these years, that message is always consistent. You are made from love. You are love. And, you are LOVED.

Not feeling it? Here’s a quick way to infuse yourself with some love.

  • Name one thing you love about yourself. (C’mon you can do this! It can be as simple as your infectious laugh or your killer peanut butter and jelly making skills.)

  • Think of one person in your life. What do you love about them?

Look outside. What’s one thing that fills your heart with

love and appreciation? (Maybe it’s the corner deli or the cardinal that always visits the tree outside of your window.)

Here’s a tip: If you can’t use the word love about yourself, use the word appreciate. Know that they can be interchangeable.

Feeling the love now? We hope so. It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day to remember that you can let the love in at any moment. It’s always there for you.

ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS: How Does It Get Better Than This?

Meet Daniel Tuttle, also known as The Provocative Intuitive. He’s an intuitive healer, transformational speaker – and part of our soul tribe. He is also a certified Access Consciousness facilitator. We know. You’re thinking, what the heck is Access Consciousness? We didn’t know either! Daniel explains all -- and introduces you to a whole new way to think and live the life you are meant to live! FIRST OF ALL, WHY "THE PROVOCATIVE INTUITIVE?" When you are being you, it is the most provocative thing that we can truly be. When we show up in pure authenticity, in pure connection to that energy. That is that light force energy that is in everything.

WHAT IS ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS? Everything is energy. We live in a universe--that is energy. Human consciousness is the tool. It's what is creating all that you are experiencing in your life. Access consciousness is a set of tools…a body of wisdom that contributes to people's lives. And it contributes to people's lives in ways that invites more. One of the things that is such a great contribution of access consciousness is that it doesn’t come with prerequisites. It doesn't matter what you believe. It doesn't matter if you have a point of view about what God is or about any of that, it just matters that you desire greater in your life, and you want greater for the world.

HOW DO YOU PRACTICE IT? The mantra of access consciousness is “All of life comes to me with ease and joy and glory.” And that doesn't mean that all of life comes easy, joyous, and glorious. It means it comes with ease, so that no matter what is coming at us, we can always ask what is greater here? What is this that is showing up in my life and what can I do with it? And, how can I change it?

Three other important tools in Access Consciousness introduces into your life are,“How does it get any better than this?” and “What else is possible?” They are there to invite in something greater…always, no matter what. And then there is something called “interesting point of view.” Interesting point of view, doesn't make somebody else's point of view, your point of view. When you hear something or you're witness to something that triggers you, instead of fighting it and resisting it, just stop and say “interesting point of view.” ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS + RELATIONSHIPS: HOW DID WE JUST REALIZE THIS? If you look up the word "relationship," it literally means the distance between two things. And in access consciousness, we have a tool instead of striving for a relationship, what if you ask for a creationship? A creationship, are two whole beings that are coming together to create greater in their lives and to create greater in the world. So, here on Valentine's day, everybody is searching for their soulmate. Everybody is searching to be loved. Everybody is searching for that person. But what if, instead of looking for a relationship, you were open to the invitation of a creationship and how a creationship could be a contribution in your life and not only in your life, but in the world. Find out how you can work with Daniel, participate in his "Live Alive" Program or in one of his Upcoming Events Dig deeper into Access Consciousness

THE SECRET POWER: Love + Gratitude Wins

When it comes to love, we seem to always exclude ourselves. How often do you acknowledge You? Many of us say "I love you" to everyone else, but how often do you say it to yourself?

As Daniel says, “you have to include you."

He asks, “what is the meaning of the word love?”

Daniel goes on to say, It has 7 billion different meanings because there are 7 billion different people in the world. But, there's only one appreciation. There's only one gratitude. When I tell you Robyn, when I tell you Karen, that 'I am grateful for you,' there is no gray area. Whereas if I told you that, 'I love you'…you go, Hmm? What is that? Is there an agenda or is that love? But when I tell you that 'I'm grateful for you,' there's no doubt in your mind, what I mean.

Love is incredibly valuable, but oftentimes we love without gratitude. We love without appreciation. And so would you be willing to be the invitation of gratitude for yourself that you are truly meant to be? And from that space, see, and be grateful for everything and everyone that shows up in your life and anything that doesn't allow that, can we just destroy and uncreate it now?

Eye opening, right? Your superpower this week is to love YOU with gratitude. It doesn’t require you to do anything besides loving and being grateful for you each and every day. Make the commitment to do this starting today.


Not surprisingly, this week is all about love! The intention, as always, is to receive messages that will resonate for everyone’s highest good. The synchronicities between our mind-meld and our conversation with Daniel were off the charts. Robyn was greeted by an overwhelming feeling of love, along with visuals and messages to support love as well. It is clear that love is all around us, at every moment. There’s more love than you can ever imagine. The reminder this week is to let love in. Robyn was shown doors swinging open in order to let love in. She was also shown a mirror as a reminder to say “I love you” to herself, or in your case, to yourself! Do this, even if it feels weird. You can even put a sticky note on your mirror! Karen received images of a giant spiral staircase within herself which was made up of people as far as she could see. For her it was a symbol and feeling that we should all g o within to find our source of love. This led her to an image of her and Robyn in a beautiful golden field playing a childhood game that reminded her that childlike love is so simple and free of judgment and expectation. It was so in line with Daniel's approach on love. We can all find love because it is all around us, we just need to let it in. As The Beatles say, "Love, love, all you need," and we're here to remind you it's all around you!



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