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signs, synchronicities & soul planning

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

THE PULSE: Heal + Harmony + High-Fives!

Are you smelling pumpkin or apple spice in your neck of the woods? It smells yummy in our local coffee shop...and the trees are beginning their glorious Fall transformation! It's also officially Libra season which is all about balance, harmony and taking a looking at your relationships (including your relationship with yourself!).

As you read this, we'll just be leaving a New Moon in Libra, which according to Moon Omens is "an energizing and motivating influence that will support our optimism, our generosity, and our self-confidence. This New Moon invites us to deepen our awareness of how we relate with others and invites us to explore new ways to do so."

And while we may feel this supercharged energy, we also have six planets retrograde which Karen and I translate to mean we are really being asked to revisit almost aspects of our lives. So if you’re like us, that may feel deeply introspective -- and also like things are at a bit of a standstill. Is this ringing true for you? It doesn’t mean that you’ll stay stuck for long. There’s room for forward movement, inspiration and connection, however first you must take a long hard look at YOU. Heal what needs to be healed. Release what needs to be released. Then you can move on and be a more harmonious YOU.

We’re here to remind you that you are so close. Whatever is to come next is almost here. We're giving you a huge high five. You're doing the damn thing. However big or small, just by reading this weekly inspo, means you're taking care of you on some level.

So we’re closing out September with deep reflection and gratitude for our journey so far -- and hope you're able to as well.

In this week's podcast with Medium, Intuitive and Healer Kat B she reminds us of the magic and possibility in every day to help us better understand who we are and where we need to go. There are so many signs and synchronicities all around us if you have an open heart and mind.

We are beyond honored and excited to introduce you to Kat B. She is best known as a Spiritual Medium and Intuitive Guide, however she has much to offer. It actually made us almost fall over when we realized how much she can help heal and transform your life. Let's list a few more of her abilities. Kat is also a reiki healer, clinical hypnotherapist, cognitive behavioral psychotherapist, past life regressionist, tarot and angel card reader, connection coach, therapist, and meditation teacher. Her welcoming energy is full of wit and charm, and she makes you feel comfortable as you navigate these transformative experiences. Kat’s focus for every session is to help guide you closer to healing, personal growth, transformation and progression. She will always create a safe space, full of love, compassion and hope. As she says, she “only wants to touch love, so it can transform you." Kat shares her captivating journey in this week's podcast. Here’s a snippet of this jaw-dropping story related to her first professional reading--and why it confirmed Kat's choice to become a Spiritual Medium. Kat B: I had no idea I was going be a Medium. Let me put that on the table straight away! I was training to be a fashion buyer. I was 10 years at leadership level working for the UK fashion industry. I started to hone my skills as a Medium and did 15 years of researching. I never thought I was ever going do anything with it. I thought this was just part of my self-development, my story. And then Spirit would show me how it could be very useful in everyday life to be attuned to one's intuition. It started helping me. I never realized that Spirit was training me to go on the journey of becoming a full-time Medium. I call them Spirit. There's a collective of people that work with me and I just trust that the people that are connecting with me are on a vibration of love–and I'll get messages or thoughts and intuition that comes to me. And so they started to teach me things and changed my world–that really developed me as a person, as well as a Medium. I think that's the biggest benefit of connection actually, is understanding how I could help and serve other people and be a benefit. And Spirit asked me to leave my full-time job. So I decided to take a gap year and try it out. I actually ended up doing my first reading when one of my teachers pushed me to go and do a demonstration in a town I'd never been. And that would turn out to be the first time I ever read for a bereaved parent. It touched me profoundly that this man had lost three children under the age of five to a very rare disease. And in that reading that day, I actually brought through his best friend and not his child. And as I went to leave, his partner tapped me on the shoulder and said, “why is it the Mediums don't ever bring through children?” I said, what do you mean? And the partner said, “he had three kids under the age of five, and we've been coming to the Center, for 20+ odd years. And they never bring through the children. They only ever bring through the best friend or the grandparent. And I just don't understand.” She said, “he is profoundly affected by the loss of these children.” I felt guilty. I went home that day. I felt really bad. I wrote to the Center and I said there was a man, I think his name was Fred. Can you contact him and tell him I will meet with him. I can't come back all the way to the Center, which is two hours away from where I live in London, but I can meet him halfway. I'll do the reading for free. And this man rocks up, he suited and booted. He was lovely. It was a gorgeous sunny day. We sat down. I was so nervous. What if I don't get these kids? What if I don't bring them through? And the first thing I said to him, “I see a green bank. Does green bank mean something? And I'm panicking. And he says, “green bank was the hospital that my son was at in Plymouth.” And I was like, “Okay. All right. I think I've got him. Is his name Mark? And he said, “it is,” and I was like, “cool. you've got two girls in spirit.” And I tried to use my sense of humor. I looked at this guy, he was an ex-military, really macho guy. I said, “You don't look like the type to have two butterfly tattoos on your legs. Fred. Your girls are saying, you've got a butterfly for each of them on each side. And he lifted up his trousers and there was a butterfly on each side.” And he started to cry, and I started to cry. And I was like, “Oh my God, we've got them.” We sat there for an hour and a half. Robyn +Karen: And that's how Kat's beautiful work in mediumship began. And there’s more to this story that really drives home synchronicity and the power of prayer. Listen to this week’s podcast. We cover a lot of ground, including signs, synchronicities and soul planning. To book a session with Kat or to find out more about all of her offerings, visit

SECRET POWER: Signs on Your Bookshelves

Looking for a sign? Start looking on your bookshelves -- if you're anything like us, you still have actual tangible books around your house. Those books have so much wisdom on their pages. Make it a daily practice. Ask a question. Choose a book and go to any page in the book. What messages come through those words? What do you need to hear? This will work with almost any non-fiction book...or even children's books. And we'll be starting a new segment this week on Instagram called Seeking Inspo. We'll be doing this practice throughout the week and sharing what we get...we hope whatever comes for us, will resonate with you!

THE DOWNLOAD: Light the Way

On the heels of the equinox, which we learned last week was a pivotal moment in our earth’s calendar that means that the day and night are of approximately equal length, we find our weekly download reflecting a similar theme of darkness and light.

Whether we are grappling with an inner “darkness” of sadness or fear, or are looking toward the horizon for a new light to dawn, we are all offered glimpses into how we can use the power found in this duality as tools for good, growth, love and new inspiration. We can harness the power of both and in doing so, empower both ourselves and others.


There is a new horizon. You have worked for this new horizon. Allow yourself to see the light and walk towards it. Step out of your comfort zone. Stand in your power. You are being supported.

You are being carried by many. You may not be able to see it, but you are being carried forward. Allow yourself to relax into the cadence, the timing, the rhythm. It is for the highest good for all.

Choose faith. Choose love. Love yourself. Love your fellow souls. Stay on the high vibration of love. Love will carry you.

Know your worth. Know your uniqueness. There isn’t another soul or human being like you. Own your specialness.

You are like a phoenix rising. It’s time to soar. You are going to feel that power and love and light. And the fire that will launch will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

There is so much fire and energy that will be put behind everything you do because you are coming from a place of love.

When you come from this authentic place you will always be supported. Don’t feel you are waiting…you are actioning with every moment, with every thought that you have. Keep your thoughts focused on love and light and ways to serve and help one another.

That is the fuel. Love is fuel. Isn’t that beautiful? It’s free and it’s fuel.

Love more. Love often.

Picture that helping you soar above and beyond anything you could ever imagine.


When you can’t be an inspiration for yourself, be the inspiration for another.

Sometimes it can be hard to remember that there are other souls surrounding us, who are also in need of a kind gesture, an uplifting word. Our own inner world can be so deafening that it’s only our own noise that we hear.

Calling upon Spirit to bring another peace, hope, faith, confidence, can be a gift that we give others as well as ourselves. It is in that loving gesture that our own energy expands. That we amplify our own lifeforce. Re-attract positivity. What goes around comes around.

As you sit at the side of the river, watching the turbulent water flow past, take a moment to offer those that need it, a bubble of your light. Let it flow from your heart into the sky and let it find and nurture those needy for love.

It’s like being a receptor of electricity that refills and recharges and then passes the energy back to illuminate another's darkness. And it can be given away in an instant.

A flower that blooms and fills those who see it with joy, still blooms for its own sake. It shows the nature of itself. It offers its beauty, its smell, its growth and grace, and ultimately its seeds to carry on the gift when the bloom is gone.

Power is in the giving. Even when we feel powerless. Pulling back the cloak that hides our light from others, allows that light to be absorbed by others and ourselves.

So when you feel the weakest, the saddest, the most lost, remind yourself that your light is always there. And even when we can’t illuminate our own path, we can in fact share that light with others.

Casting the dark away from them and in doing so, away from ourselves.


SEPTEMBER 27: A Medium's Guide to Signs, Synchronicities, + Soul PlanningWE WANT TO BE FRIENDSWe want to hear from you.

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Are you seeking guidance? What do you want to hear about? What practices have you tried? Do you have a healer or practitioner or spiritual modality that we need to know about?

And follow us on instagram at @seekingcenterofficial.

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