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You're seeking, but not always finding, right? We've got you. In our new weekly podcast and newsletter, we're doing the research, having the conversations, and weeding through the spiritual + holistic clutter for you. We'll be boiling it down to what you need to know now. Plus, they'll be mega inspo and a new superpower for you to discover every week. We've been working on our own intuitive gifts as well. We'll be sharing The Download -- think of it as our weekly mind-meld with messages we're all supposed to hear. 


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the team


 We've been there. We are seekers too.

Hi. We're Robyn + Karen.

We've spent most of our careers chasing professional success in the media world. And while that was achieved by most standards, we still felt like something was missing. 


We set off on a quest to find our “why.” 


Through hundreds of spiritual + soul-seeking experiences we realized our purpose was to help others discover our purpose.

We're embarking on a whole new way to give you the resources and information that you need. 

We’ve been able to meet some of the best healers and practitioners in the world -- and we are learning about practices that we didn't even know existed. We’re  sharing everything we find with you, in a way that doesn’t feel so “out there,” so that they can help you on your seeking journey.



Robyn is an Emmy® award winning producer and leader in content development. 


For 20 years she worked for Oprah Winfrey, collaborating with some of the most brilliant thought leaders of our time to create programming that has impacted millions. Prior to her time with Ms. Winfrey, she was part of the team that launched the children’s television network, Noggin, and also lived out some of her green slime dreams at Nickelodeon. She has always been at the forefront of combining wisdom, technology and storytelling to inspire and bring like-minded people together.


After a series of spiritual synchronicities in 2018, Robyn’s life was transformed and ”Seeking with Robyn” was imagined. She is also an intuitive and a Spiritual Medium.

In March 2020, she launched the YouTube show, "Seeking with Robyn" and in August 2020 she made the show available as a podcast, on all podcast platforms. In addition, she launched her Spiritual Coaching business to assist others on their healing and transformational journeys.


In 2022, she is evolving "Seeking with Robyn" into the "Seeking Center".  Be on the lookout for her platform and tv series.


Karen is an award-winning television producer and digital platform innovator who has shaped content production and strategy for top TV networks and programming distributors like Discovery and AT&T. She most recently helped launch Discovery+.


She’s obsessed with finding new mediums to create and share stories that inspire and uplift our souls.  Her dream is to create a world-wide digital platform that will feed and satisfy passionate seekers who want to explore, learn, share and embrace life’s big questions.

In 2020, published her first book and Amazon Best Seller “LifeMapping: Decoding  the Blueprint of your Soul.” In addition, she launched the YouTube show and podcast "Seeking with Robyn."


In 2022, she is evolving "Seeking with Robyn" into the "Seeking Center".  Be on the lookout for her platform and tv series.


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